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Make the most of your stay
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Read our comprehensive guide. Find the answers to all your questions and enjoy your stay in our beautiful glamping tents and cabins located at Lake Bastrop North Shore Park.

What is glamping?

Commonly known as luxury camping, glamping seeks to preserve all of the enjoyable elements of spending time in the outdoors while providing a comfortable environment to stay in.

Can I bring my kids?

Yes, unit maximums apply.

Can I bring my pets?

Yes! We do allow 1 dog MAX per room, for a fee of $50/night (sorry, no cats). All dogs must be leashed while on the property and must be crated if left alone in the tents.

Can I use the outdoor fire pit year-round?

While sitting around the campfire is one of the central activities to enjoy, there are restrictions we must follow. Periodically there may be burn bans put in effect by the county due to increased wildfire risk, which means no campfires or outdoor burning of any kind at any time.

Reservations cannot be cancelled or changed without penalty because of a burn ban.

What is the check-in process?

Check-in begins after 4pm, unless you've made special arrangements with us.

What time is the check-out?

Check-out time is at 11am, unless you've made special arrangements with us.

Do the tents stay cool in the summer?

Yes and no. Each tent has air conditioning and ceiling fans to keep it comfortable. The air conditioner is located directly above the bed in order to always keep it nice and comfortable, especially at night. However, because the tents are open air and not insulated, the rest of the space will get warm during the heat of the day in the summer.

What is the lake like?

Lake Bastrop is a reservoir on Spicer Creek in the Colorado River basin 3 miles (5 km) northeast of the town of Bastrop in central Bastrop County, Texas, United States. The reservoir was formed in 1964 by the construction of a dam by the Lower Colorado River Authority. The lake serves primarily as a power plant cooling pond for the Sim Gideon Power Plant operated by the LCRA.

Lake Bastrop is a high-quality bass lake. It has been heavily stocked with Florida largemouth bass. However, it is not noted for producing trophy-size bass; most of those caught range from 2 to 5 pounds. Channel, blue, and flathead catfish have also been stocked. Channel catfish are abundant, with best angling in the spring and early summer before the vegetation interferes with bottom fishing.

What are the tents like and what do they come with?

Our tents range from 440 sq. ft. studios to 550 sq. ft. for suites. Each tent foot canvas safari style tents. Each room is outfitted with:
  • King size bed
  • Air Conditioning & Heat
  • Mini fridge
  • bath products
  • Flush toilet (at select units)
  • Cotton towels
  • Robes
  • Hairdryer
  • Gas grill
  • Cast iron pots and pans
  • Cooking utensils and cutlery
  • Salt and pepper
  • Wine opener

What cooking equipment and supplies are there?

Each room comes with a small kitchen prep area inside and a gas grill outside. The cooking supplies provided are:
  • Gas grill
  • Mini fridge
  • Cast iron pots and pans
  • Cutting board
  • Cooking utensils and cutlery
  • Grilling utensils
  • Wine opener

What should I bring?

If you plan on cooking. Otherwise there are several restaurants in Johnson City that we recommend.
  • Rain jacket
  • Hiking boots/shoese
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Flash light
  • Fishing gear

What shoes do you recommend?

We are in a rural area and our property consists only of gravel roads, paths and dirt hiking trails. We recommend close-toed shoes only and strongly advise against wearing any type of high heeled shoes.

Is there a refrigerator?

Yes! Each room has a small mini refrigerator.

Do I need to bring charcoal and firewood?

Our grills are propane and you will need firewood for the firepit.

Can I bring my own boat for the lake?


Where is the glamping campground located?

Glat Austin glamping campground is located inside Lake Bastrop North Shore Park at 603 FM1441, Bastrop, TX 78602.

Do you provide food services?

No, we do not have any on-site food services. However, each tent is set up with a full kitchen for you to cook your own delicious meals. If cooking isn't your thing, there are several great restaurants in Bastrop which is less than 10 minutes away.

What is there to do on the property?

This park is owned and operated by LCRA Parks. You will find all sorts of ways to commune with nature at Lake Bastrop North Shore Park. Its 182 acres are nestled in the Lost Pines region and reside on Lake Bastrop – a place where fishermen thrive catching award-winning largemouth bass. Rent one of the park’s kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddle boards or corcls (round watercraft for children) to take out on the lake. Pack your hiking boots and hit the 4.5-mile trail, offering an intermediate challenge for users with various inclines and descents, which connects to LCRA Parks’ Lake Bastrop South Shore Park. Along the trail, you can spot whitetail deer, jackrabbits, lizards and the occasional grey fox. Once you’ve arrived at the other park, you can show off your spike shot in a game of sand volleyball or tee off in a round of mini golf. Lake Bastrop North Shore Park also has a camp store for firewood, ice, snacks and souvenirs to make your camping experience even more pleasurable.

Will there be an onsite manager during my stay?


What happens if it rains?

All of our units are very weatherproof and will keep you safe and dry in the event of a storm. We do not offer refunds for any inclement weather.

Do you allow primitive camping?

No we do not have any primitive camp sites and do not allow guests to pitch their own tent.

Do you provide cleaning services during my stay?

We do not provide any cleaning services during your stay. However, each tent is equipped with extra towels and linens should you need them.

Is there WiFi?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available to our guests but it is NOT very reliable at the campgrounds and the signal is weak. We recommend using your mobile phone as a hotspot if you need to connect a device to the internet.

Are there animals on the property?

Yes, Lake Bastrop North Shore Park is a wild and relatively untouched place. Thus, there is an abundance of wildlife. The main animals you may see during your time with us include turkey, deer, dove, quail, a variety of song birds, buzzards, hawks and armadillos.

Also, while it is unlikely you will see them, there are snakes in the area. As unpopular as they may be, they do help control the pest and rodent population. Simply staying on the paths and roads will keep you out of their way and allow them to play their role in our ecosystem.

Can I drive my car to my tent?

No, all vehicles must remain in our parking lot in order to preserve a quiet and peaceful atmosphere around the tents.
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Make the most of your stay at the amazing GLAT Austin glamping tents and cabins located at Lake Bastrop North Shore Park.